DSC_5136I’ve been back from  Spain for a week now, and it’s been an incredibly busy seven days. The Simon Campbell album shoot in Valencia was amazing, I got all the shots I wanted, and more. But Simon is as impatient as me and was chomping at the bit to get the finished images to the designer within two days of my return to the Isle of Man, it eventually took me five days, but the results, if I do say so myself, have been worth the wait. The album sleeve images were chosen and finalised before I’d even left Spain, and they look stunning. (none of the final images will be seen until the release of the album in the next few weeks)
DSC_5164 DSC_4109Also this week I’ve been editing a huge backlog of client images that I hadn’t had time to do before I went away. I also have about 600 images from a live gig I shot about three weeks ago (below)
To break the monotony, midweek, I met-up and photographed the very beautiful, Ciara (bottom), this is the third or fourth time we’ve worked together, but every time I photograph her I see something different.
I finished my log-jam of work in the early hours of this morning, but I won’t stay idle for long – I’m heading back to Spain on Wednesday, shooting promotional images for another musician in Valencia. I’d better get packing…
DSC_3446 DSC_5804


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