“It’s all about the light…”

moi-3I arrived in Valencia, Spain, yesterday to start a week-long shoot with musician, Simon Campbell, I’m doing the shots for his album cover and artwork. I wasn’t planning on shooting last night, but we took Simon’s dogs out for a walk and the light was fantastic, totally different to what I’m used to. For all the outside locations we’re going to need to shoot around dawn and dusk, which suits me, because it means I’ll be getting paid to sit on my ass eating Tapas all day!

Something else I wasn’t planning on doing last night was drinking six cans of Spanish lager followed by a couple of bottles of wine, but that also happened. Luckily for me, we aren’t starting today until about 1pm, and it is indoors…in a bar. Oh dear me.

moi-2 moiSecond image down – copyright Suzy Starlite.


  1. Wow Phil – sounds like a right party – can anyone join in – pass on my regards to Simon and his lovely dog aaahhh – Vivien ☺


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