Tres cervezas por favor…

DSC_3104It’s been a fairly quiet couple of weeks for me, my exhibition is already half way through its one month showing, it appears to have been received quite well, but negative feedback rarely gets back to the person who really needs to hear it.
Last week I got some more shots of the very beautiful, Ciara, beautiful and extremely hard – I had her standing in a large sea pool, which I made her completely submerge in to get her wet. Last week on the Isle of Man the air temperature was about 12 degrees, water temperature is still around about 7 degrees.

This week I’m preparing for a week-long commission in Valencia, Spain, shooting the album cover and sleeve artwork for Musician, Simon Campbell. I’m going to be shooting on film and digital, so at the moment it’s an exercise in ‘creative luggage management’. I want to take everything – Nikon digital system, Sigma DP1 & 2, Polaroid, Fuji Instax, Pentax medium format, Holga, kitchen sink. I’ve got another four days to decide.

Anyway, I shall update, or attempt to update, my blog as I go along, but I love Tapas and I REALLY love wine…


Simon Campbell (Canon EOS 5D, 50mm)
Simon Campbell 



  1. Hi Phil – have a fantastic trip – send my regards to Simon, I met him & his wife a few years back at my office Bauman Lyons Architects in Leeds – great guy – then I heard he had moved to IOM – the shot you took of him is brilliant – but dont you just love black & white – cant beat it! thanks for all your pics love them – cheers Vivien


  2. Truly beautiful shots. And you don’t really need to hear negative feedback ever…negative feedback is just someone’s opinion, that’s it. That person could have been crabby, angry, or just mean. Negative feed back is just that…negative. It’s not real or true, just an opinion.


  3. Wonderful work, as ever…the last one of the man was quite powerful to me. Makes me wonder who he is and what he life has been like…your portaits, of course, are so full of story! I sometimes get good ideas when seeing them and wish I could use them at top of my posts but know I cannot. So I will just enjoy each of your posts!


  4. ¡Buen Viaje!

    Despite living in the very same coast but 150 miles north I haven’t sat foot in Valencia. Anyways, you can look forward to the food and the great weather. You’re coming in the holiday so perhaps it will be packed… Over here it’s said that Valencia are the beaches of Madrid.

    Beautiful shots as always,
    Greets from Barcelona!


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