People aren’t always happy…

DSC_0400Portrait photography has got very little to do with pointing a camera at a person and pressing the shutter, it’s about who you are as a photographer and how you make that person feel about themselves, both during the shoot and at the moment they see the final image. I have no interest in making portraits that make people feel bad about themselves, that would be pointless. So why don’t people smile much in my photos? It’s a criticism that’s been thrown at me on more than several occasions. My answer is always the same – “People aren’t always happy…”
When I photograph people we have a laugh, we drink tea and we talk…and then they talk and I take photos. When I get home, after I’ve had the film developed, if I’m shooting film, I get all of the images up on the screen of my iMac and choose the one shot that I think summed that person up during our meeting. That final process usually takes less than a minute.

People aren’t always happy, but just because they aren’t smiling doesn’t mean they’re sad…

DSC_1460 SDIM0378 SDIM1087 SDIM0780-Edit


  1. I like the females have little make up and are just in that daily mode of life outside of a trip out to work or dinner. It is like a glimpse of their normal lives. Especially the older lady peering out of her window…seemingly lost in watching and contemplation.


  2. the point you make is a very good point. It’s always bothered me when people just assume that people are constantly happy, and all of their photographs seem to have such a fake smile. I love your photography, and thank you for managing to put my thoughts into words! 🙂

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