SDIM0572So, I have an exhibition opening in just over two weeks, twenty-two images that until March 20th will have only been seen by me. In my head, six months ago, everything was going to be finished by now – shot, printed and framed. But as usual, it hasn’t quite worked-out like that. The deadline for finishing the shots came and went last Friday…I still have another six people to photograph, the last one isn’t until Friday 14th…less then a week before the opening night, and it’s not even like I’m photographing someone just down the road, I’m flying to Liverpool for the day from the Isle of Man, but the lady in Liverpool was kind of the spark for the whole project, so she has to be included.
The images here are people who I’ve shot over the course of the project, but not photographs which are to be included in the exhibition, which has frustrated me because I feel I’ve been publishing ‘second best’…but they aren’t, of course, they’re just different. To be honest, if I hadn’t been publishing these ‘outtakes’ over the last few weeks, I wouldn’t have posted anything, because I haven’t shot anything else!

The images here were made using – top – Sigma DP1 Merrill, middle – Sigma DP2 Merrill, bottom – Nikon D800E/35mm 1.4G AF-S

SDIM1287 DSC_0149


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