Mobile Miracle


All the images in this article were made using a Nokia 1020 mobile phone, Adobe Lightroom 5, VSCO Film and Alien Skin Exposure 5 software.

Go back back in time about 14 years, back to when cameras were first added to mobile phones – they were as much use as a chocolate barbecue. Now go even further back, say 20 years, to when nobody really used mobile phones – if you whipped an iPhone or a Nokia 1020 out of your pocket in public you’d be burned at the stake. The idea of these communication devices that included high quality cameras, something called ‘The Internet’ and ‘Apps’, video games, cinema, tv, radio…it was all science fiction. Witchcraft!

Now here we are in 2014, driving around in nuclear powered hover cars and living in cities under the sea…oh, hold-on, that hasn’t happen yet…but we do have a mobile phone that produces  41 mp/50 mb images – that’ll do me for now.



  1. serialphotographer

    The first and last are wonderful portraits and totally agree cameras in phones now are incredible. I think the iPhone takes some beating and I say that as the owner of a nexus 5.


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  3. Technology continues to move us along – willingly or reluctantly. Some are thinking that the DSLR maybe a camera superseded by small full sensor sized cameras with replaceable lenses.

    The portrait of the woman is stunning because it is so finely detailed.


  4. Does that make the DSLR reduntant, really all those pricey camera and lens that weigh a ton? These are beautiful images, I really belive its not the camera so much as the cameraman, maybe that won’t count either in time to come!


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