Mini Mono

SDIM0859-EditI’ve been using the Sigma DP1 Merrill for a few weeks now, and after my initial thoughts of, ‘Oh my God, what have I done?!’, I can now confirm that this is a camera I now could not live without. I turned-up to shoot a commercial job a while back, on arrival I took the DP1 out and started to set-up, the client actually said, “What the f**k is that?!…you did bring a proper camera as well, didn’t you?”, I told him it was a “proper camera”, he was unconvinced, until he saw the results.
I’m not sure if its the way the DP1 sensor captures in three colour layers, but it’s black and white conversion is excellent, combined with VSCO software it’s superb.

SDIM0649-Edit-Edit-2 SDIM0633-Edit


  1. PE Preston

    The Sigma Merrills are so good at black & white that I find that, even now after using my DP1 for well over a year now, I’m still discovering new ways to find even more depth in the files and making even better finished files. I keep having to go back and redo files I worked on a while ago, often to great effect. The only thing that might pry my DP1 Merrill out of my hands is the new DP1 Quattro.


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