Instant Gratification?


For the last couple of weeks I’ve been experimenting with Impossible Project instant film, I’ve shot a few boxes of the new colour version, and I have to say it was love at first sight. The whole look, the weird hues and colour casts are everything I’d expected. I’ve ordered a few more boxes of the colour version – we’re going steady.
Now then, the black and white type…I’m not so sure, I certainly didn’t rush out and buy an engagement ring the second the first photograph developed. This stuff is £18 a box, that’s £2.25 a shot! For that price I’m afraid I expect something a little less ‘unpredictable’…but the tones are very pleasing, we have deep shadows and creamy highlights. I like the look, but what’s with the dark blur around the edge, it looks almost artificial.

Will I buy more of the black and white version? Probably, however I’d like to try it in a camera with better manual controls, or at least a model that I can turn off the flash (The 600AF that I’m using would fire the flash even if you were actually standing on the surface of the sun). Impossible Project, if you do happen to read this – £18 for 8 pictures is a piss-take, please try to substantially reduce the cost, because I really like this film…or at least I think I will.

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Untitled-2For the benefit of a couple of people who think these aren’t actually real instant images, I have added a photo of my pet Cocker Spaniel, Leica, and said Polaroids. IMG_4269


  1. 2812 photography

    This is beyond gorgeous. About the black blur. I’m thinking it might have something to do with the roller that squishes and spreads the chemical across the emulsion. Sometimes, the roller with loose a bit of it’s pressure and not evenly spread the chemical. That’s my guess.


  2. Brent Davies

    These were obviously not taken on Impossible Project film – I’ve been using the same film and I’ve never had an ‘effect’ like this, and it is obviously an effect. Also, the Polaroid 600AF of which you speak doesn’t focus this close. And the edges are too straight to be actual instant film. Just admit that you’ve Photoshopped them!


  3. Anthea

    I can honestly say that these photographs are not photoshopped. Phil took these photographs of me today and as a friend. He wanted me photographed as I really am, no bells or whistles 🙂 Just me as I really am. The photographs are truly that. We had a photo shoot at my cottage and when I received them an hour later they were scanned for this blog. No time for adjustment as it wasn’t called for.


    • Brent Davies.

      Okay, now I believe you, and now that I know they are actually real Polaroid/IP, I really like them! The mono tones are really beautiful. I have to agree though that £18 (it’s $25 here in CA) is very expensive.

      I had a good long look at your blog, the images are really quite excellent, I love that you aren’t afraid to experiment, and best of all, show the results of your experiments.


  4. Rose

    One of my American friends dad was high up in Polaroid – having seen your stuff I wish I’d not only paid more attention but had put all the free stuff I had to better use and asked more questions


  5. Nice pictures! 😀

    I joined the instant photography in these days too, and I still have to try the b&w films, but those one look really cool!
    As a student my only complaint is about the price, like 25€ here in Italy, but the feel.. well, it’s really unique.


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