Don’t fake it.

First of all, I’ve had a few comments about the new format and layout of this blog, it seems that people miss the old Gridspace theme because “It looked less like a blog and more like a website”…but that’s what this is – a blog, a dumping-ground for my photographic meanderings and thoughts. I do have a dedicated portfolio website in the pipeline, so if you just want to look at photographs without my ramblings, it’ll be up and running in the next couple of months, I promise. You can also follow me on Facebook

I’m not really publishing much in the way of ‘serious’ portraiture at the moment because I’m saving it all for my exhibition at the end of March this year. It’s a dangerous game though, I have portraits sat in a Lightroom folder, titled EXHIBITION, and I keep looking at them, editing them, tinkering with them…I need to just leave them alone, because I know exactly what’s going to happen – come March 20th I’ll be sick of the sight of those photos. Every last one of them. Another issue I have is that I’m quite single-minded, if I’m not shooting portraits for my show, ‘serious portraits’, then I’m not really shooting anything else, unless it’s completely different. This alternative creative outlet comes in the form of instant film. I love instant film like the french love cheese.


Say what you like, try to convince me with £500 software or 79p iPhone apps – you can not fake the look of instant film. All images here were made using a Fuji Instax 200 wide camera. I’ll shoot some more Impossible Project 600 just as soon as I’ve sold my kidney to pay for the film…

img703 img699 img705 img708 img692 img693 img694 img695 img696 img697 img702 img707 img709 img710 img711 img704


  1. “Say what you like, try to convince me with £500 software or 79p iPhone apps – you can not fake the look of instant film. ” – this is definetely true, neither the look, nor the experience and the creation feelings and process.


  2. I just posted on another blog about something similar.

    Blogging is far different from a magazine article. The readers are drawn to a connectivity that is missing in plain journalism of old. Blogging is not only about the product (pictures, the facts, the story); it is also more about the person who is creating it.

    Oh yeah, the last picture is an interesting subject. An eyesore for someone like me because my job is about finding things like this and eradicating it. However, beyond the rust and corrosion, it shows an odd symmetry.

    Pretty cool…now someone paint that quick!


  3. verbnflow

    Stay true to whatever satisfies your creativity. A lot of people think we’re all racing towards the same idea. Not the case. Your photos manage tangible presence. I particularly liked the photo of the puddles against the walk way. Do your thing your way!! Xo


  4. I actually like the new layout and possibility to scroll through your posts exactly because it makes it looking more like a blog. It’s still nicely clean so works well for showing photos. I’ve recently changed my layout too and spend some times searching for a new theme that would spare me the reformatting of my pictures. Gridspace was originally on top of my list for the new layout but then I thought I just save the money for now and maybe use it to built a portfolio site later.

    Aside from snooping around a bit at the Impossible Project booth at the last Photokina show in 2012, I don’t really have any experience with instant film but it’s very tempting to give it a try. That happens pretty much like most of the time when I see you posting stuff like this. At the moment, I still have a few toy cameras to play with I also hope to get get my hands on a Polaroid and some instant film one day. I like the look a lot, especially in the last image here.


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