Mae Challis


I’ve been working on some promotional shots with singer/song writer, Mae Challis, for the past few weeks, both in the studio and on location. I don’t enjoy shooting in the studio, to be honest, which is why I rarely do it, my default is always to shoot outside whenever possible. We had to cancel a couple of planned location shoots due to heavy rain, but we finally got a break in the weather, literally a 4 hour gap between showers, and got these shots, which I really love.

Make-up by the very talented, Kimberley Berridge.

PHIL5626 PHIL5579 PHIL5555PHIL5603

‘Despite her tender years, Mae Challis is destined to become one of the leading lights of the vast array of exceptional and diverse musical talents currently being unearthed and nurtured here on our own Island’s doorstep. Along with her powerful vocal prowess Mae can also include a remarkable instrumental ability, charismatic stage presence and a song-writing gift that is just waiting to be released to the unsuspecting World!

Born in Sittingbourne, Kent on 6th May 1998, Mae moved to the Isle of Man at the age of 7, already a precocious singer and guitar player. She later added keyboards and drums to her musical capabilities and hasn’t called time on discovering possibly more latent talent. Listening to and drawing influence from an eclectic mix of artists, such as Queen, Oasis, KT Tunstall and Joni Mitchell to more contemporary performers like Hurts, Coldplay, Train, James Morrison, Skrillex, Bruno Mars and Emeli Sande’


  1. Phil, I really like the last two images, particularly Mae looking through the fence. You’ve caught her energy. I’m curious about your thoughts on the first photograph.On my screen Mae’s face has too many highlights and has very little shadowing. Is it my screen or is your intension to make Mae’s portrait soft and why? I’m trying to refine my own portrait work and quizzing established and very talented photographers as yourself helps me do so. Thank you.


    • Hiya!

      I just read your reply, and thought, hmm, on mine too – perhaps it’s time to calibrate?* So I did, and it was a little less light / blown looking, but not much less. But the thing is…I was looking at the image in my mail app. When I clicked on the link to look at the image in the website proper, it was fine (super delicious fine in fact). So, if you are signed up for e-mail notifications and looking only via the mail attachment, maybe this is the cause, as it seems to be dealing the image a disservice (in my case at least). Otherwise, it might indeed be your monitor in need of calibration.


      * actually, I knew full well it was, just been lazy recently


      • Hi Dean and thanks for expanding on my answer. I’ve talked to people who seem to have the knowledge and they tell me that calibrating a laptop is very difficult. I want to purchase a large screen but cost, space and lots of travel means I have to wait. Now and in the future I’ll realize that my MacBook Pro delivers images that are leaning toward the highlighted side.
        Thanks again,


  2. Phil, these are perfect in any way!!! It seems you had a perfect team to work with…I love the natural lighting and her skin tone is really great! The first one is stunning!!! Well…they all are…:)


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