“Shake it like a Polaroid picture”

DSCF5868For the next few weeks I’m concentrating on shooting images for an exhibition on the Isle of Man at the end of March, in true Phil Kneen fashion I’m leaving everything until the last-minute! Without the help of a few good friends it wouldn’t be happening.
Yesterday I had an interesting shoot with the very beautiful, Lorna Cubbon. Lorna reminds me of a cross between a young Kate Moss and Christina Ricci, she’s also a lot taller than I’d imagined! With Lorna I was looking for a very specific look, this was created by Kimberley Berridge, an amazing make-up artist here on the Isle of Man. Kimberley has worked with me on a few shoots now, and on every one she gets the make-up exactly the way I’d visualised.

For this shoot I blew the dust off my Fuji Instax instant film camera – I have missed it!
“Shake it like a Polaroid picture” – shaking and blowing on a Polaroid picture doesn’t actually make it develop any quicker, in fact, putting the developing image straight into a dark place for 30 minutes gives you a nicer looking final print.

img671 img673 img674 DSCF5847


  1. Lucy Ray

    I look at an image and I can say straight away “That’s a Phil Kneen”. but every photograph you take is totally original and unique – I totally adore your work! I’d rely like to book you for a shoot, but I’m not sure if you would be willing to travel to Vancouver? (or if I could afford you!?)

    The instant film shots are amazing…they are all amazing.


  2. Hey Phil!

    Having dumped facebook (and feeling so much better for it) I’m not up to date on all the comings and goings of my nearest and not so dearest.

    I’ve just seen in your latest blog that you’ve got an exhibition coming up. I’d dearly love to come along – would there be room for me?

    I’m still loving your blogs and photos. The recent one of the shipping container taken (I think) on Mill road was absolutely outstanding.

    Lots of love to you all and, if it’s not too late a very bloody happy new year.

    Jacks x




  3. In some of the pics it almost has a “ghostly” quality to it. Pretty cool effect and I can see the Christina Ricci in her look.

    I am also now upset with OutKast for making us shake our Polaroid pictures for nothing! Thanks a lot!


  4. stampwithtaylor

    I absolutely fraggin loveeee these pictures! She is hauntingly beautiful, and you capture her with such intensity. I will be looking forward to stalking your blog. 🙂


  5. I need to pull out my Instax 210 and really use it seriously. I’ve taken 3 shots with it as test shots. It’s good to see that you can still get somewhat of a vintage Polaroid like with this film!


  6. Dzulfiqar Fathurrahman

    This is great. But one thing, I prefer your previous theme, it makes your site look way more arranged, cause I love the grid.


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