Perfect Combo’

My experiments with the Sigma DP1 Merrill continue, it’s been a steep learning curve, but I love this camera. I’m basically using it in the same way I’d use a medium format film camera – everything shot on a tripod, all manual control, and most importantly, thinking about every shot very carefully.
Something Sigma really might want to look at and fix in a firmware update for this camera is the white-balance – it’s terrible. The auto WB settings are next to useless and the manual WB gives a very warm cast which can be adjusted in post, but I like to get everything right in camera.

All images were edited using the amazing VSCO Film presets in Lightroom 5 – a perfect camera/software combination.SDIM0206

SDIM0178 SDIM0202 SDIM0204 SDIM0150 SDIM0149-Edit SDIM0196


  1. PE Preston

    I too am using VSCO film treatments as a part of my Lightroom workflow with my DP1 Merrill files. The results are truly great. If you want to blow your mind a bit, while in Lightroom (before handing over to VSCO) go to the Sharpening editor and push Detail up to 100 and roll Radius back to .08 (sharpning around 20-25 and Masking around 50 to start). These files can totally handle this and really snap. Continue with your VSCO workflow.


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