Double Trouble

PHIL5484When I get a new camera, no matter how complicated it looks, I never read the instruction manual. Ever. If I did read them, then I would have discovered, months ago, that my Fuji X-Pro1 has a double exposure feature. I stumbled upon a few days ago, purely by accident, whilst looking for something completely different. So I’ve been playing with it.

I think it’s one of those features that I’ll use for a few days and then get bored, but I do like the results.PHIL5488-EditPHIL5496-EditPHIL5483-Edit-2-Edit-2

All images were processed using the amazing VSCO film software.


  1. Beautiful, haunting photographs. I love the one with the dog, it’s so sweet. I never read the instructions either. Just cannot make myself do it. I’ve tried but failed, many times. LOL So I understand completely:) Have a happy holiday.


  2. lol…not reading the manual is typical of a great many people, myself included! The photos are awesome…they have a magical, fantasy feel to them. I would think a great tool when you are feeling like doing something more in the artistic genre…vs a photographic genre.


  3. so happy this post showed up in my email this morning. it reminded me that i had a double exposure function on my Olympus XZ-1 that i rarely shoot with. i brought it with me today and used the function for the first time. fun and some decent results. love your work – keep it up.


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  5. Island Mouse

    Ah-ha! I never read the manual either (WHO DOES?!) and now I’m gonna go press ALL the buttons on my X-Pro1 to find that feature. Thanks for bringing it to my attention!


  6. Bah! I knew I’d done something wrong. I’ve started to read the manual for the new camera and have now intimidated myself back into iphoneography land! Shall throw it somewhere strategic and try again. .. although I will be stunned if I get images as beautiful as these!


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