That was the year that was…

DSCF0931Juan McGuinness & Orca – my favourite image of 2013. Below are my runner-up favourites. All made using film and digital, 35mm and medium format, compacts and iPhones.

Thank you to every single person who has helped me out over the past year, both in front of and behind the camera. Happy Christmas!
img505 20130408-153212.jpg img381 2 img430-Edit-2 img378-Edit DSCF5868 img659 DSCF0820 DSCF0784 DSCF1557 DSCF2110 DSCF2360DSCF4019 DSCF2648 DSCF1322-Edit-2 DSCF3117 DSCF3489-Edit-Edit-2 DSCF3583-Edit-Edit-2 DSCF3976-Edit-EditDSCF3521 DSCF1146-Edit-Edit DSCF7933 DSCF1057 IMG_1686-Edit-EditDSCF4586-Edit DSCF9345DSCF3607-Edit-Edit-2 DSCF1701 SAM


  1. Wonderful photos Phil! I really like the one with the gal at the piano! I also wanted to give you a note of thanks for signing up to follow my blog! I hope that you enjoy my posts! ^..^ – B


  2. Wonderful work. You’re a master of that northern light – it comes through so beautifully in a lot of these photographs. And all the portraits of older men are especially good, I think.


  3. Your work is technically good, I can’t deny that, but it is also formulaic and highly predictable – I could guess, pretty much, what your ‘2014 year review’ will look like.


  4. Phil, even though ive seen all these photos at some point during 2013, it never ceases to amaze me , how the portraits stand out above all else, really sharp, but emotional with it, and all I can say is, more more more, fantastic pictures for 2014 please.!


  5. henry jackson…..?????? can you help me too, i need an uneducated look into my future………
    these are some of the most honest, pure images i’ve seen, and i question as to why i would be followed by someone producing this calibre of work……..why?


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