Repeat Performance.

DSCF3489-Edit-Edit-2I’ve photographed a lot of people over the last few years, hundreds of people, possibly thousands. Of all these people, there is a handful that I keep going back to make portraits of time and time again, Bonzo Slater (above) is one of those people. I must have photographed Bonzo at least 15 times, in various locations around the Isle of Man, most of the locations being within spitting distance of a pub…

A new subject for me is Graham Brunström. Graham is currently waiting for a kidney transplant and is pictured here connected to his dialysis machine in his bedroom. Graham was actually due to have a transplant early next year, but there’s been a set-back with the donor, so this probably won’t go ahead. Graham pointed-out that there is only a limited time that he can receive dialysis and that “the clock is ticking”. Despite all of this, Graham remains very positive.


DSCF3607-Edit-Edit-2Above is musician, Chris Gray, another repeat and habitual subject. I took Chris out into the hills and photographed him using just the headlights from my van. I wanted a kind of grungy, snapshot look to the image. It appears to have worked.


  1. connie.n.w.

    Interesting post. i agree, there does seem to be some people who i feel i could photograph a thousand times and never feel like it’s too much. thank you for posting.


  2. I understand the feeling of wanting to use the same person over and over…I think it is the same for me when it comes to water, clouds and trees…just something that attracts me to the subject! All three are awesome, great composition on the first, Graham is definitely a person who could be photographed again and again I think, he has a strong face, like that you didn’t go all b & w in the third, the lighting with the bit of color works …I think part of the reason your photos draw me is I’ve never photographed people intentionally in this manner, other than family of course…I’m intrigued. 🙂


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  7. Wow.
    Literally just fell upon your blog.
    Personally I paint, and I know a few photographers who are on top of there things, but don’t do people as much as you.
    (oddly enough, haven’t found many people I “like” as people, but they are great subjects.)
    Then there are those who I have seen that do people, but honestly your photos rock.
    Like for what ever reason I do not know what you do, but they are personal, whether you mean them to be or not.
    Very cool.
    I find humans to be neat subjects, why not right? We are, so are they, and there are stories behind each person.
    Your photographs tell stories.
    Glad I found your blog.


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