RAW Deal


Shot on a Canon G15 compact. Rescuing an image this under-exposed is only really possible if it’s a RAW file.

IMG_1797-Edit-2-EditEvery few weeks I run workshops for beginners, an introduction to digital photography for those new to the medium. One of the first things I tell people, way before I start to explain apertures and shutter speeds, is to set their cameras to shooting on RAW, which isn’t an acronym, it means just that – raw. Raw is essentially the unprocessed information straight off the sensor -no processing for sharpness, white balance,color or contrast – all adjustments are done afterwards. Without getting any more technical, raw is the digital version of a film negative and you can do a lot more with it. Always shoot raw.IMG_1686-Edit-Edit

The second thing I tell people is to stop obsessing about megapixels. Most cameras now, even half decent compacts, have more megapixels than the top-end professional cameras had five years ago. When all of your work is going to be displayed on the side of a house, then you can start worrying about sensor size and the amount of MP’s you have.

All the images in this article were made using a Canon G15 compact, it has a tiny sensor and (I think?) 12mp. All the photographs were shot in raw….ALWAYS shoot raw


DSCF1787-Edit-2 IMG_1611-EditDSCF2330 DSCF3521

Rush hour, up north...17745_10151332720986787_2041502207_nFollow me on Facebook – Phil Kneen Photography


  1. People are often disappointed when they see a raw file because they look flat and a bit ‘wishy-washy’, but this is because nothing has been added – all that ‘magic’ is done in Lightroom, PS, or whatever raw converter you use. Also, presets such as VSCO use raw files as their base starting point.


  2. Totally agree with you, actually the problem of MP is important, it is to know what images will be used, ideally, have two boxes, a 10 MP as the new conpact and another 20 MP as the last canon 70D. RAW, ok but need to rework the software images. Phil always beautiful images.


  3. evi

    you’re right, shooting raw is one of the most important things in digital photography. i really like the pictures you shared, i like the second one and the second last one best.


  4. Great advice Phil. You’re dead right about first seeing RAW on screen, I half- jokingly call it an exercise in controlled disappointment when you plug a cf card into the computer. It takes a while to get the hang of post processing digital files, but VSCO is a good bet.


  5. I would like to ALWAYS shoot in RAW… But my computer only have 2Mo of RAM so it make Darktable crash whem I try to open a RAW image… Soon I will buy a new computer but since then, i have to shot JPG. 😦 So, even if I need some filters, another lens and maybe another housing… I have to buy a computer… ^^


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