Turn right at Warsaw…

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 19.11.59This week there’s been a slight change of plan – I’m not driving to Moscow anymore, I don’t fancy the idea of traversing Belarus, I’ve heard a lot of bad things about the country. Also, visas are needed for Belarus and Russia, which would add nearly £1000 to the cost of a trip that I’m already planning on a very tight budget. So, I’m driving to Crimea in Ukraine instead, it’s about the same distance and I’ll get to go through Romania on the way back, a country I’ve always wanted to visit.
Joining me on this epic road-trip will be writer and very good friend, Trevor Gibbs. Trevor has been my ‘partner in crime’ for a few projects, the last one being our joint essay on Yellowknife and the surrounding area in North West Canada. Trevor has travelled extensively all over the world, knows his stuff and is generally good to have around, he also loves a good road-trip…

3 4 img404 img451This week I’ve also photographed my daughter, Jess, for the first time in ages without her complaining. Jess is 12 years old and already 5’7″, I think a career in modelling could be on the cards…


Road-trip images – Mamiya 7II and Kodak Portra 400 film

Portraits – Fuji X-Pro1, edited using VSCO Film


  1. Vivien

    Hi Phil, great road trip, you must be very confident to take that on! gorgeous daughter, both your son and daughter have your eyes – thanks for sharing all this with us – really inspiring -would be good to see some shots of the car/van you are driving too


  2. Nicolas Studio Photo

    Hi Phil, I really love your photographies. I don’t get tired to watch photographs 🙂 Moreover, it allows me to improve my skills 😀 Thanks


  3. Hello! I am from Belarus! I want to say that Belarus is very safe for tourist. If you would not play against the government nothing would happened to you. We have so much police that no much crime can survive 🙂


  4. Can I use you daughter’s photo on my instagram? Check my instagram and see what I would do with it. Im goin to printscreen it after then publish it here and I’ll link it to your page 🙂

    Instagram: kaycnavarro


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