Road Trip ’14

893423_10151632163076787_920592010_oThis week I’ve started planning my next big adventure, a road-trip of epic proportions – The Isle of Man to Moscow and back – a 4000 mile round trip. I’ve been all over the world, but never this part of the world, and what better way to see it?
This probably isn’t a lot of people’s idea of fun, but I can’t think of anything better; load a vehicle with supplies and just drive, stopping off whenever and wherever you like. Another thing that really appeals to be is the minuscule amount of planning that’s needed – no flights to book, no connections to miss and no accommodation to pay for (I’ll be sleeping in my vehicle…) As I said, I have no plans as to who or what I’ll be photographing, it’ll just be anybody or anything that I like the look of.



  1. Dean O'Brien

    Sounds great Phil. You’ll be needing visas for Belarus and Moscow though, but I’m sure you are aware of this. I’m travelling to Ukraine next year doing a similar thing but on motorbike. I don’t think you can beat a road trip.


  2. Sounds like our idea of fun, for sure! We’re also going on an epic road trip in 2014, except we’ll be heading south on the PanAm to Tierra del Fuego in our mini Toyota RV. Road trips are the BEST. Have an awesome time! Looking forward to the photos – Eastern Europe has always intrigued me.


  3. My favorite is definitely the one of the guy at the table with his arms crossed and a cup of coffee. He’s expression is absolutely real. A close second is the close-up of the truck bumper with the BC plates. Love them both.


  4. travelscapism

    Great photo’s – but I am most excited about this epic road trip. I have visted Moscow but never thought of driving from the UK all the way through Poland there. I can not wait to see pictures and read stories of your adventure.


  5. So excited for you but honestly . . . so jealous!!! This is exactly what I have always wanted to do and still hope to. Best wishes for safe travels, adventures and great photos along the way!


  6. Muthe

    Good luck for the trip, and have a great fun while you’re travelling. I’ll be eager to wait for photos from your trip ^^ By the way, thanks for the follow 🙂


  7. wow! thanks for the ‘follow’ which lead me to you stunning work. unusual to start in isle of man!- lived there for three years and apart from the weather it is a photographer’s joy. don’t forget the laxey wheel. anne 😉


  8. A road trip is like life. You never know what surprises you can expect behind every corner. Sometimes positive, sometimes negative but always inspiring I imagine? I really like the mood of your portraits. By the way thanks for following my blog. Have a safe journey on your road trip(s) and enjoy. Greetings, Koenraad.


  9. Sounds like a real great road trip for sure! Really looking forward to getting to those chapters in here!
    I have been playing with the idea of flying over to Moscow and jump on the Trans Siberian railway, only bringing the bare essentials, a couple of half decent cameras and a nice load of film. I think that could also bring a few nice snaps back, but we’ll see.


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