Slip Slidin’ Away…

DSCF1660I used to shoot a lot of slide film, I have boxes of plastic trays filled with mounted 35mm slides, hundreds of trays, thousands of slides. But nobody really shoots it anymore, most photographers don’t see the point…I don’t see the point, to be honest. 10 years ago you could buy dozens of different slide emulations, in 35mm, 120 and large format, but most manufacturers have cut production back to only a handful of films, or like Kodak, stopped production all together.
Slide film, or colour reversal film, is even more of a niche product than standard colour negative film these days ā€” its primary uses are in projectors and professional print work, though more recently it’s been popular with lo-fi photographers who use it for cross-processing. I don’t know many photographers that shoot slide film.

Anyway, I decided to have one last play with slide film, and before departing to France a couple of weeks ago I ordered a roll of slightly out of date Fuji Provia 400X off Amazon. Yes, A roll, as in one, singular – at Ā£11 I wasn’t going to invest in more than one roll on something that was little more than a romantic glimpse into the past.

I shot the roll using an Olympus OM1 (which I accidentally discovered was capable of multiple exposures) and mailed the film to Peak Imaging. The developed film and a disc of high res’ scans was waiting for me on my return. These are some of the results.DSCF1755DSCF1647DSCF1738DSCF1733DSCF1661DSCF1729


  1. Oh, nice. I find that last one really compelling. I get an odd feeling if I concentrate just on one of the faces, it feels as if someone else is watching me. The whole colour palette / tonal spread thing in the second to last one is sublime too. Thanks for sharing.


  2. they all look great! I myself is a fan of slide films. they’re not exactly rare in my country (philippines) but rather, a little pricey. a single roll is about Php400 and if you buy the pack (3 rolls) it’s around Php1,000, so you can imagine! šŸ˜‰


  3. Oh, these are nice Phil. Especially the old car and the blue window shutter. So far, I’ve only shot one roll of slide film, ever, earlier in July. I used my DianaF+ and an expired Fujichrome MS 100/1000 film from 2001 or so. Totally loved the results so it won’t be the last roll of slide film I shot, I’m sure.


  4. Some superb photos here.
    Just popped over to say hello and thanks for the follow.
    I’ll be back. Not Arniesque threatening like. Just, I’ll be back, sorta soon.
    Might try and persuade you to let me use (and credit you, of course), with a couple of pics to write on. Just finding that pics make for a great source of inspiration.
    The last one above is already whirling thoughts in my head. šŸ™‚ x


  5. Thanks for following That means a lot. Wanted to say we’re following you back and what a great blog, most interesting photo blog I’ve followed in a while. We both love old cameras, old film cameras and shooting with film; I reckon we’ll find your blog inspirational. Thank you. Debbie X


  6. Lovely thing to go back and shoot slide film. After many years of standard slide work, I recently began shooting in the old View-Master 3d format during the final years of Kodachrome. You perhaps remember the View-Master reels and viewers from your own youth. In the early ’50’s, their parent company made a consumer-level stereo camera which shot 35mm slide film and was processed to create the little square images that could then be inserted into your own blank reels for either viewing or even 3-D projection. It was a great nostalgic way to honor the View-Master and Kodachrome traditions even as we all zoom into the digital era. Enjoyed your post very much, and thanks for visiting my own blog,


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