The Life, Aquatic

DSCF0931DSCF1557 DSCF1134DSCF1007

DSCF9635DSCF1057DSCF1173DSCF1842DSCF1882-EditAll images copyright Phil Kneen. Images may not be used or reproduced in any way without permission. I always invoice for unauthorised use…


  1. rebelsatellite

    Great portraits. My favourite so far…

    Ps What camera/film combination is the guy with the surf board? It has a really 3D quality to it. Awesome work.


    • All the images were made using a digital Fuji X-Pro1 and edited using VSCO software to give a film ‘look’. I chose to shoot this on digital because I wanted to manipulate the photographs to give them a stylised look that I can’t get using film.


  2. Hi Phil, i casually stopped in your blog and now I feel lucky. this set is amazing. I love the surreal mood of the portraits, ironic and never stupid or trivial. the chose of tones and grain is perfect to improve the natural light tones. What else, really a GOOD work! i’ll keep on following your adds. Best


  3. As a photographer I HATE people photography… at least shooting it. But looking at it is intriguing sometimes and this series is great! I LOVE the girl in the bikini and the scarf! Thank you so much for taking the time to check out my blog and follow it. I look forward to seeing more of your work.


  4. Liliana

    Nice portraits you have out here. The first two are my favourite: the big man with a whale float and the little boy with a fishing rod, what a lovely contrast!


  5. Maggie Beck

    Ok. So, I love these. Love them.
    So original! I am so appreciative that you have chosen to follow my blog . . . it led me here! You shoot people, I’ll shoot what’s at their feet.
    Seriously, really appreciate the moods you capture in your portraiture. Rich and varied. Lovely work!


  6. These are some great looking photos buddy. Thanks a ton for following. I like your stoic and awkward posing of the models. Such a quirky/popular style that great photographers are using. I like the way you handled that within this setting. Very unique. Take care man. -ALexander.


  7. WOW your work is really great!!
    thank you so for visiting my blog!
    so funny – “i shoot people”
    really wonderful stuff. beautiful humor embedded. good medicine.
    thank you
    wishing you all good things


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