DSCF0820DSCF0784The brainchild of Dave Armstrong and Christy DeHaven of Isle of Man production company DAM Ltd , the inaugural Isle of Man Film Festival took place September 14th-16th 2012 at the Broadway Cinema, Villa Marina, Douglas Isle of Man.
Supported by the Isle of Man Arts Council, the aim was to bring “inspiring, enlightening, entertaining and varied filmic fun – with some stellar special guests – to the Island”. The festival was also inspired by a need to have screening opportunities for the increasing number of films being made on the Isle of Man by Manx filmmakers, not least those created within Dave and Christy’s film training scheme MannIN Shorts.DSCF0799I didn’t get to take part in the whole event, although I wish I had, and will certainly be next year, but I did manage to catch a few of the films. Andy Blackburn’s film ‘Being Nice’ was excellent – beautifully directed, shot and edited with some truly wonderful and believable acting from Jessica Francis and Alex Warren. I also attended a series of short films at The Bath and Bottle Bar – a cozy little gathering with plenty of expert critique from film industry professionals, Andy Blackburn and Danny Lumb.

Over the course of the weekend I had the pleasure of photographing some of the people involved in the festival – The stunningly beautiful star of ‘Being Nice’, Jessica Francis, Raymond Barry, lead role in the locally made film ‘Barry Brown’ and writer and director, Danny Lacey. My favourite subject from the weekend, and a man I could spend weeks photographing, was actor, producer and film distributor, David Wilkinson (above) – so good-looking I had to go back for seconds!

DSCF0853-EditFor this shot of Danny I’ve attempted to get a 16mm cinematic look, I deliberately shot with a very high ISO and took the lens hood off to try to get a bit of flare. I then added ‘looks’ in VSCO film software.


  1. Easily some of the best shots i’ve come across in some time. Great work. For a guy like myself thats just starting out, these really serve as an inspiration to find my own vision when shooting.


  2. Wow. Stunning portraits. I mean really soulful work. Anyone can take a picture, but from what I’ve seen of your work so far, you capture essence. I’m throwing away my camera now. 😉 [I’ve always said no one has ever taken a good portrait of me, and so I hate having my photo taken. Were you close enough, I’d be tempted to let you try.] Cheers.


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