au naturel

I’ve never been a lover of artificial lighting. I do own a couple of Bowens daylight balanced continuous lights, but I rarely use them. I also owned a full set of 500w studio lights, but I used them even less, maybe five times, at the most. Give me a nice big reflector any day!
All the shots here were made using natural sunlight, bounced of a Lastolite 6×4 foot reflector.


  1. Robert Mair

    I prefer natural lighting too. It is so much less harsh than artificial light. I go for natural whenever I can even if it does mean carting a tripod around and I have to get my subjects to try to be still, it is worth it. Great shots Phil.


  2. Good work. I do like your….hmmm..I am looking for a better word than realism. I’ll think about that for a while. I use reflectors also, but unlike you and your other guests, I rarely make an image in any light without the addition artificial light. Natural light, to me, is just another light source to manipulate.
    You have a great eye for light, period, and I expect you will produce interesting moods in any conditions. Glad I stopped by – now I need to wander thru the rest of your excellent people photography.


  3. Excellent site you have here, I shall be keeping an eye on you, Photographically speaking. Thanks you for stopping by my offerings. I too prefer photographing people, we homo sapiens make good subjects.


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