This week…

DSCF9382I‘ve actually had a very busy couple of weeks, which isn’t a bad thing. I’m doing my best to concentrate on one project, two at the most, so the two I’ve chosen are the scars and the tattoos, which essentially started-off as the same project anyway. The scar project has generated a huge ground-swell of interest, I now have a list of names so long that it could keep me going everyday for the next six months.
I’ve seen a lot of scars over the last few weeks, some have shocked me, others have amazed me. Ben’s scar (below) amazed me – he had open surgery less than two weeks ago to correct a birth defect on his heart. I’ve seen some pretty rough-looking chest scars from heart surgery, great pink ridges running for half the length of the torso, but Ben’s is so neat!DSCF9399

This week I also discovered, after years of searching, the perfect combination of camera/lens/film and laboratory/scanner that gives me the ‘look’ that I want – Pentax 67/90mm/Kodak Portra 400 and Labyrinth Photography in London – The Holy Grail, found.


  1. Wonderful shots. RE: the heart surgery scar….they often look like this when they are new. Mine did, but it widened quite a bit over time. I think you’ve seen my selfies of it.


  2. I have a statue and outdoor sculpture project I’ve been working on for at least two years, sometimes that just happens. I also must say, that heart surgery one is amazing! I’ve also seen some pretty gnarly chest scars but that one is incredibly neat. It seems like they are getting much better at patching people up these days.


  3. You might like to search for images from an art installation from the 90s called “Cicatriz” (“Scar”) by Rosangela Renno, which used photos of tattoos and scars of inmates from a Brazilian prison ca. 1920s, overlayed with stories that were not the prisoners’ own. The whole exhibition was an examination of identity & memory, and how these are bankrupted by “the man” (I don’t like that phrase, but it’s early in the morning and I can’t think of a better one).


  4. Wow! I love that first photo of the couple. Cannot really explain, saw it in the morning and has been thinking about since then. Perfect composition, light and it all comes out great. Best and strongest photo I’ve actually seen in a very long time!


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