DSCF8948DSCF9014I have about eight different projects on the go at the minute, all in various stages of completion, some nearly finished, others barely started. Some people accuse me of losing interest, but it’s quite the opposite – I start shooting one idea, then I get more interested and develop more ideas on top of the ones I already have!
I met-up with Jamie Helps, initially as part of my ‘Scar Tissue’ project, in the Lucky 13 tattoo studio, this is a good example of what I’m talking about – I only intended to make one photograph, a document of Jamie’s scars, but ended-up shooting five rolls of film and all the time thinking, ‘This would make a great project!’

It’s a long way off, but maybe one of my new year resolutions should be, “Finish all unfinished projects and don’t start any more until you have”?

DSCF8956DSCF9022-EditDSCF9045 DSCF9035All images were made using Fuji Pro 400H for colour and Kodak Tri-X 400 (rated at 1600) for black and white. Camera – Leica R6/50mm Summicron


  1. Nah. I tried that. I truly killed my artistic mojo! If I start to feel like I “have” to finish a project, it doesn’t feel or look the same. plus, it’s a lot less fun. Maybe finish up the smaller projects and work your way up to the largest? Your photos are great, you have awesome ideas!


  2. Eight, unfinished: I have the opposite problem, I think of a good idea and then never get round to starting it. It’s taken me two years at least to work out what one actually is!


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