Squeal, Piggy…

Tony Weir – I sent him a text this afternoon, ‘Hi Tony, it’s Phil Kneen, where are you today? I’ve got a great idea for a shot…’. The last time I photographed Tony was in a conservatory, he was naked, clutching a slaughtered pig’s head around his crotch. He was never going to say he was busy.
I’ve asked Tony not to shave, he’s got a great hair/beard combo’ going-on and I want to photograph him again next week sometime…


  1. Alan Summers Photography

    Very, VERY impressive. Your work is so different every time, yet you always retain a very distinctive style…hard to explain!


  2. bletua808

    Great images. The last one I like the best because of the numbers on the side of him makes you wonder where he is between them? He’s just slightly off center from the numbers. So I guess it makes you wonder….what he is between 23 and 24?


  3. Hello..Wonderful photograph..I have been looking at your work just now and enjoy looking VERY much…
    What camera and lens did you use to take this shot please, if you don’t mind me asking?


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