Bought as seen…

I’ve been shooting with an old Leica R6 slr film camera for the last few weeks, it’s a camera I always drooled over and dreamed of owning, years ago, but could never afford. I picked the R6 up, along with the standard, and razor-sharp 50mm Summicron, for the price of a mid-range digital compact. I’m starting to realise why I got it so cheap – it has a bit of a light leak and the metering is as about as reliable as the weather in Scotland. Fixing the problems would probably cost more than what I paid for camera, and having said all that, I actually quite like the unpredictability of it all, so I’m going to leave it as it is. I just won’t use it for any important/professional jobs…

Colour film is Fuji Pro 400H and black & white is Kodak Tri-X 400. Both films rated at whatever speed the camera decides at any one given moment. Film developed and scanned at Labyrinth in London.



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