Toast? Or Corn Flakes?


The film v digital argument is as pointless as asking, “Which is better, toast or Corn Flakes?” – they both taste great and they both have their own place at the breakfast table.

This week I’ve been eating toast and cornflakes…AND yogurt!








This week I having been shooting with a Fuji X-Pro1, a Holga GCFN and a Holga 120 Pan


  1. What a delicious breakfast treat I just discovered in your blog today!
    I especially like the second shot. And the third one is strangely reminiscent of the now ubiquitous selfies taken with arms holding camera in front of own face. The kid with the guitar is simply beautiful.


  2. Your black and white images are stunning! Amazing contrast and such honesty in them. I just love that! I also admire your comparison of film v. digital to toast and cornflakes. It’s probably the best way I’ve ever heard it put into words.


  3. je vais faire simple , je parle pas anglais , vous avez de très belles images et j’aime bien , il est très difficile d’avoir des modèles chez nous , sauf on donnant de l’argent…alors j’ai très vite arrêter ce projet…car trop onéreux …merci pour le espère qui c’est un jour vous voir dans ma ville…..marcel


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