Chinese Binge

I’ve neglected film photography over the last few weeks, not out of choice, it’s just that the type of work I’ve been doing has been better suited to digital. I have missed film though, so last week I went on a two-day film shooting binge – I put a couple of cheap Chinese Holgas and a load of film into my bag and shot everything that caught my eye.
All the wide shots here were made on the Holga Pan 120 6x12cm, a £60 import from China, the plastic lens is so bad, it’s good! Film is Ilford HP5, an emulsion that I’ve never really liked, but I’m warming to it…

img422img424I made the shots below while shooting promo’ images for ‘The Wretched Pearls’. I love the etheral, dreamlike feel that the cheap plastic lens produces.



  1. Phil, your blog is a constant visual inspiration for me. But, I am realising that you are frequently introducing me to ‘new’ (to me) bands that are excellent. I always check them out. The Wretched Pearls have a very interesting sound. So, thanks for that subsidiary benefit!


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