The Wretched Pearls


“Heralding from the majestic Nordic seas to the murkier British waters, The Wretched Pearls is an explosion of genre-bending artistry consisting of four good-looking women folk and two strapping lads. Leaping and dancing around on stage in extravagant white garments, they command the crowd with their epic sounds and infectious energy. 
Through their overwhelming waves of emotion, The Wretched Pearls will take you from the depths of sadness to the highs of euphoria while forcing you into a state of awesome-induced movement.
Prepare to dance.”

That’s The Wretched Pearls biography, I don’t know enough about music to write a proper review, but I know what I like, and I love The Wretched pearls.

The Wretched Pearls have just been on the Isle of Man for the TT festival and performed a fairly impressive ten gigs over a week, but still managed to shoot a music video and get a couple of portrait sessions in with me. Musicians are normally inherently difficult, but this band, all six of them, were a pleasure to work with – “I’m going to put you all in a giant paddling pool, fully clothed”….”Yeah! No problem!”

(L-R) Jogeir Daae Maeland: Guitar, Katrine Stenbekk: Vocals & Piano, Laura Shea: Bass & Backing Vocals, Helen Morrisson: Vocals & Piano, Laura Williams: Drums, Edwin Pope: Percussion/Samples, Sax & Guitar
Laura Williams: Drums
Edwin Pope: Percussion/Samples, Sax & Guitar


The Wretched Pearls Twitter, Facebook and Sound cloud



  1. Gavin Kemp

    Beautiful shots! I had a listen on Soundcloud, really liked their stuff. Where are they from? I’d like to try and see them live if they’re London based.


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