Fur Coat and Motorbikes

31I went to see my good friend, Sir Lockett Somerville, at his house in Ramsey on the Isle of Man, I was just ‘popping in’ to collect a Canadian black bear fur jacket that his mother had made me. I left 16 hours later. I don’t feel bad about the fur, it’s made from a recycled, 75-year-old coat. Second-hand homicide doesn’t count.

Anyway, my quick visit did actually turn into a session, as I’d suspected it would. It’s TT fortnight here on the Isle of Man and Lockett’s house sits right on the course, about 100 metres from Parliament Square. The Somerville front garden is the perfect vantage point to watch the bikes hammering into town, some of them breaking so hard that they snake out of control. One of the riders crashed around the corner, just out of sight from us, thankfully it was nothing serious.
We watched the bikes for about an hour, downing cans of beer, but the sun disappeared at about 8.30 and it got too cold to stay out, so we went inside. Lockett’s mum, as well as being an excellent seamstress, is also a great cook and had prepared us a superb late dinner, the fish was amazing, however I’m still not sure whether peaches belong in a salad starter? After dinner we finished-off the wine and debated as to whether the Isle of Man is lacking in cultural events. We decided it is and then walked to the pub to watch a couple of bands.
I woke-up at nine the next morning, hung over in a four-poster bed in the spare room. Before I left I had a little wander around and took some photos of the living museum that is Lockett’s home.

Sir Lockett Somerville is a real Sir, I’m not sure how he got it, but it says it on his credit cards. Peaches do not belong in salad. I realise now, while writing this, that I could have watched the bikes a bit longer if I’d put my fur jacket on…

All images made using a Pentax 67, 75mm/2.8 and Fuji Pro 400H



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