DSCF3486-Edit“An artist’s career can be segmented by moments when there is the realization of a need for change or the necessity to shake off the rust and webs that develop after reaching that unchallenged place of comfort” Domenico Foschi, photographer.

I discovered this quote a few days ago, as soon as I read it I realised that I’m in that place, that unchallenged place of comfort. But it was a revelation, bordering on an epiphany, I’d go as far as to say. This was a bugle call to start afresh.
Over the past few months I’ve fallen into the trap of making ‘safe’ photographs, I’ve stopped photographing for my own pleasure, and isn’t that what it’s all about? I like taking photos of my feet! And I enjoy creating the more alternative type of portrait. So that’s what I’m going to do!

DSCF3521-Edit-3DSCF3562-EditIMG_99713 CNV00034 matt - Version 2


  1. Photos of feet are cool Phil! Just wondering though….., how many photos did you take of your feet with the mamiya vs that new camera? Just saying, some cameras make you want to shoot your feet, some don’t.


  2. Excellent! Alternative photographs are generally more interesting to look at. I get so bored with all of these people who say they are photographers, and yes in the sense of the word when used as a verb I guess they are photographers, because they take photos of people – but all of their work looks the same, it’s so uninspiring. The photographers whose work stands out are the ones who don’t take the same shots from the same angles with the same lighting as everyone else. The ones who are creative and willing to take risks. Those are the ones who I want to see working!


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