Scar Tissue

DSCF1524-Edit-EditThis week I’ve finally started a project that I’ve been meaning to do for years, it’s an issue that’s always fascinated me – scars.
I posted an update on my Facebook page asking for people with scars and a story to go with them. I was expecting to get maybe 15 or 20 people – at the time of writing this I’ve got 159 volunteers! Some of the scars are accidental, some are medical. One lady has asked me to photograph the extensive scarring on her arms and legs that she inflicted upon herself as a troubled teenager. A couple of people have said that they wish I could photograph their emotional scars, I’m going to give it a go…
For the last couple of weeks I’ve been scanning and editing negatives that I shot for my Yellowknife/Arctic project, more of that to come, and another Hamilton Diary, soon.

I’ve been asked to co-host a street photography workshop in Amsterdam this summer, which I’m really looking forward to, but I have to admit that street photography isn’t a genre that I really have that much experience in! I think I’ll be handling the ‘street portrait’ side of the course.
I don’t really have any details for this workshop, as yet, and a few people have asked me about it. However, as soon as I have dates and details, I share them.


  1. I would so much love to join one of your workshops, Phil. Can you let me know the dates as soon as you have them please?


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