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I’m having a love/hate relationship with a Fuji X-Pro1 digital camera & 35mm 1.4 lens. Most of the hates are minor – the exposure compensation dial is very easy the knock out, but I solved that the way I do with a lot other other loose dials – gaffer tape. All the other hates are so minor I can’t even remember what they are…?…anyway, the BIG negative – the focusing. I did the 2.03 firmware update yesterday, the one that, and I’ll quote Fuji, “Much improves accuracy of auto focus performance under various shooting conditions”.
Well, well-done Fuji, I have no idea how you managed it, but you have actually made the autofocus slower and less accurate. Good job.

I think I was well on the road to giving-up on this quirky little camera, until last night – I took it to the pub and took a few snap-shots of friends. The low light picture quality is AMAZING. All the images here were taken at 3200 ISO, which is incredible. The colour shots are as they came out of the camera. The black and white shots were converted using Silver Efex Pro 2 (I’ve got 3 mono converters on trial at the minute – Silver Efex, Alien Skin and DxO)
For any photojournalist looking for a reasonably priced, discreet digital camera, I’d say the Fujifilm X-Pro1 is pretty close to perfect.

I’m back to shooting film this week, so for anyone having a bit of a panic that I was turning toward the digital dark side, fear not…
DSCF1422-EditDSCF1418-EditDSCF1415-Edit-Edit DSCF1414-Edit DSCF1389-Edit DSCF1375-EditDSCF1429-Edit-Edit-Edit-Edit


  1. I looked into this camera a year or so ago. I shot live music with a Minolta rangefinder for years. I liked the idea behind the Fuji. After extensive research, I said, “no”. It was not actually a rangefinder (nor could be set up like one) and I read so many issues about focusing (especially in low light) that I decided against it. For what they get for that camera, I felt that better options were available.


  2. moushsarajohn

    The x100s is amazing too. Zack Arias and David Hobby gave it some sparkling reviews! And I have been shooting with it, can’t complain.


  3. It would be interesting to see results from similar conditions using the G15 that you bought on your trip. I am looking for something more portable and have tried out the G15 but have not been able to get my hands on a Fuji.


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