Road-trippin’ with Holga


My two favourite pastimes – photography and road-trips, they go hand in hand. Road tripping in the Northwest Territories of Canada is fairly simple, because there really aren’t that many roads, but they are VERY long roads. I didn’t actually drive that far, just Yellowknife to Rae/Edzo, I was in a truck that my most excellent friend, and fellow photographer, Pat Kane had lent me, so I didn’t want to take the piss. Had I have been in a hire car, I would probably have ragged it to Hay River and back, a round trip of about 1000km.
All the images here were made on a Holga 120 Pano 6x12cm film camera, a beautifully simple bit of kit – 4 focus distance settings and 2 apertures. Kodak Portra 160 was used for all my colour work on this trip, I’ve had a bit of a fall-out with Fuji Pro 400H.

And I know, there’s always a ‘shadow of me on the road’ photo, I just can’t resist!

img354img359 img358 img357 img356 img350 img349 img362


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