Buffalo Joe and an Eagle.

All the images in this article were shot using an iPhone 4S or a Canon G15 compact camera. I’m shooting a project in Canada at the moment, on film…

Too cold for film. So, I’ve been shooting a lot on my iPhone and a Canon G15 compact. 17745_10151332720986787_2041502207_n YUKON QUEST 201312337_10151336172351787_1319682237_n

The view backwards along the top of a DC3, mid-flight.

The view backwards along the top of a DC3, mid-flight.

59270_10151336171791787_805868238_nYUKON QUEST 2013

'Buffalo Joe' McBryan

‘Buffalo Joe’ McBryan

This weekend I flew down to Hay River on a Buffalo Airways DC3, it’s my second time on this plane, but always an amazing experience. Hay River is a small town about 45 minutes flying time south of Yellowknife. For a small town it has a lot of Ford F150 pick-up trucks! I mean HUNDREDS! I saw an eagle and the Northern lights too! I’m going to write a few, more detailed, articles when I get home, it’s a bit difficult at the moment, trying to work on my iPhone, tablet and unstable internet connection… 901861_10151337456586787_1617152931_o YUKON QUEST 2013


  1. Janice

    great pics regardless of on how or on what they were shot. hoping you managed to fix the Mamiya 7, camera of great beauty that it is


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