Thirty Below, Up North.

Just a quick project update. All images in this article were made using either an iPhone 4S (first 4) or a Canon G15 digital compact. All project images are being shot on a Mamiya 7II film camera.

There isn’t going to be a lot of blog writing on this trip as I only have my iPhone and Nexus tablet with me, both of which a very difficult to type on!
I’ve actually been in Canada for a week now, however, I spent a few days in Hamilton, Ontario, with my good friend Ned. We mostly drank beer, but we did go to Niagara Falls, always an impressive sight, and to a small town on the shore of Lake Erie called Port Dover. The drive to Port Dover was quite surreal, one minute bright sunshine, blizzards the next.
On Thursday I headed Northwest from Toronto, via Calgary, finally arriving in Yellowknife at 00.45 on Friday morning, nearly an hour late. I stepped off the plane wearing a t-shirt – big mistake. It was minus 30 degrees C.
I spent Friday buying and borrowing proper clothing to replace my woefully inadequate winter attire, although the thermometer had risen to an almost balmy -27…
On Saturday we drove about 30 km north out of Yellowknife to Prosperous Lake to begin a 40km snow-mobile ride north to Duncan Lake. I’m going to write a separate article about this weekend, but basically, we ice-fished, fired high-powered rifles, ate meat and drank beer. The snow-mobile ride was fantastic (that’s me in the green duvet jacket with the frozen snot and tears)

As I said, writing blogs from iPhones is not easy, so that’s all for today!



  1. I write my blog from an iPodTouch5, and agree that it’s not easy. But I love the challenge. I love the first photo over the ice! Nice shoot! My blog is just another ipodography site, and I try to connect with like users. I like the change in your posts when your traveling. Thanks for sharing your experience.


  2. Omg -30 in a t-shirt, I couldn’t handle that! I live in Saskatchewan and when it’s winter time I generally don’t leave the house without my down jacket that goes to my knees, I like feeling warm 🙂 wonderful photos! You communicated the coldness wonderfully.


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