Hong Kong Delight



For the last couple of weeks I’ve been shooting with a Holga 120 PAN 6x12cm film camera. I like the 6×12 format, but can’t really justify the £4000 for a secondhand Linhoff version. This Chinese incarnation of the camera is all plastic, including the lens, and cost a mere £69.
I’ve had varying degrees of success it – I can’t quite work-out what the closest focus distance actually is? In the instructions it says 1 metre on one page and 1.5 meters on another. I used Kodak Tri-X 400 film for all of these shots.

I was going to take this camera to Canada with me next week, but I’m not sure now…



  1. rebelsatellite

    Greetings from Mexico Phil and thank you for letting me know something like this even exists! A friend gave me her Holga 120 recently, and along with a Fuji instax 100 I bought from ebay, has totally changed my approach to photography. Your blog has been really insightful.




  2. rebelsatellite

    Hi Phil,

    I’m about to buy this camera. But I was wondering a couple of things… does this camera take any old 120 film? And how many shots can you get from a roll?

    Many thanks!


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