Music to my ears.

IMG_5766I’ve never been particularly musical, I wish I was, but I just don’t get it. Some people don’t understand apertures and ISO’s, I don’t understand cords and notes. Many people have tried to teach me, all have failed.
I do like the music scene though, but how can you get involved if you’re tone-deaf? Take photos! I’ve been involved in music photography for a few years now, I’ve photographed the odd famous musician and a lot of not so famous musicians, but every single one of them has been a pleasure to be involved in.
I know that I’m a bit of a film fascist, but I must admit that the majority of the images here were made using digital equipment, Canon EOS 5D mk2 mostly. A lot of promotional shots (such as the clown, which was going to be used as an album cover, but the musician in question wants something ‘more controversial’…) do have quite a bit work done in Photo Shop, so it makes more sense to work with digital media from the outset. If I’m shooting straight portraits, like the one of Tim Burgess, I’ll use film, normally medium format. For live music I always shoot digital…although, having said that, I did shoot a Strypes gig a few weeks ago using a 35mm Nikon SLR.

Dylan LaBlanc 8Richard and kate 41511 7SteveQ 165London 351Chris Gray 123SteveQ 42G&L 207Adam-geoff 2156img266


  1. These are wonderful! I love the first photo! Question, are you going to create the more controversial image for the artist? So cool. Anyways, how did you get started taking photos of musicians? I love music and have only had one opportunity to photograph a musician. And it was only because I was backstage lol. How did you get started? Oh and P.S. I love that you use film sometimes! I’ve just recently gotten back into film but I keep forgetting to take my AE-1 with me on shoots. Great post!!


    • Thanks!

      Yes, I’m doing the more controversial shot…

      How to get started – I simply turned-up at a gig in my local pub and started shooting. I then posted the images on a music forum, on Facebook, etc and it just snowballed from there. I was short listed in the 2010 NME music photographer competition, which opened a lot of doors, I also have a friend, Simon Campbell, who has a few connections in the music industry.


      • Really cool! Thanks so much for replying! I’ve been asked by friends in local bands to shoot their bands at small venues. Perhaps I’ll start there! Thank you for sharing your story! I love doing regular old family portraits and weddings, but music definitely has my heart! I love the wacky creative types. Thanks so much and best of luck with the controversial image. Hope we get to see it if the band lets you ๐Ÿ™‚


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