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    My favorite photographer and close friend Phil Kneen has produced many a breathtaking and beautiful image in the time that I have known him, these are by no means breathtaking but there is just something about them, maybe its the fact that when you look at them you want to know the story behind them… Sometimes its what you don’t know about something that makes it so captivating?


  2. Greg Thommas Photography

    Phil, I’ve followed your blog for a few months now, I love it! Your work is a great inspiration to me and I hope, one day, to be even half as talented as you.
    I adore this set of images. Banal? Maybe, but also utterly fascinating. Each photograph presents a multitude of questions.

    Keep-up the great work!


  3. Phil, your last comment is what has finally given me the push to actually post some of my own pictures up. I take pictures of what I find interesting, and hand’t thought of sharing them. Even though I only have a few followers as my blog isn’t dedicated to one particular thing, more a collection of what is going on in my life, I bit the bullet and put a few up today. Think I might eve go and put a few more up now!


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