img049I had so many plans for the last couple of weeks, I was going to work on ‘The Old Leather Chair’ project, get a load of shots done, but it was not to be. I’ve been struck down by some hideous virus which has rendered me completely immobile for the last two weeks, at least. I normally handle ‘downtime’ quite well, if it’s just a head cold I can still work and even when I slipped a disc in my back and couldn’t move, literally, for 3 weeks, I still managed to get a lot done. But a double ear infection isn’t conducive to anything creative…although, I did have a CRAZY dream a few nights ago, fuelled by painkillers and flu remedies, it gave me several ideas for fresh chair shots.

These three shots were made a few weeks ago. All shots made using a Mamiya 7II, 80mm and either Fuji Pro 400 for colour, or Kodak Tri-X 400 for mono.

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  1. I love the round-about shot. I kept thinking of the choices you had to make to shoot it. It could have been shot from at least four directions, but you chose this one with the road leading off to the right and the house in the upper left. It works very well, as do all of your portraits.


  2. Another great set. Do you do anything with setting up the way people are sitting? Like ask them to sit the same way on the other side of the chair, or anything like that? For instance the bottom picture would be quite different if she were sitting in the other corner of the chair. Each of the poses works so well and yet each seems totally natural. I expect you ask them to get comfortable and then adjust you point of view a bit to accommodate?


    1. Thanks! I don’t ask the subject to do anything, just sit. I think as the project evolves and potential subjects see the images, they kind of pre-plan, whether consciously or subconsciously, how they’ll sit when they get in the chair.


  3. I think the idea of having a chair in the middle of a roundabout could catch on if it wasn’t for the dreaded UK Health and Safety regulations. It could actually be argued as a safety feature as the guy looks as if he could slow traffic with a glance – may need to add a swivel feature in order to cover all angles. Hope you got someone else to move the chair around for you otherwise that back problem could return!


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