Less is more.

For the last couple of weeks I’ve been sorting-out what gear to take, or more accurately, what gear NOT to take to Canada in 6 weeks time. I took far too much gear last time, too many different formats and 4 different types of film. I was shooting on 6x7cm, 6×4.5cm, 35mm and Fuji Instax instant film, using colour and black and white with 3 different film speeds. In April I’m taking a Mamiya 7II, 80mm lens, a sekonic light meter and 60 rolls of Kodak Portra 160. I’m also packing my trusted Olympus Mju II and a small flash, just in case.
I’m going back to Yellowknife to work on an on-going project which started last September, this could be my second of many trips to the area, or it could be my last, I’m still not sure…

An Apple a day…

I’ve had the same 21″ iMac for 5 years now, I’ve always been happy with it, but 5 years is a long time in the life of any working computer and it had started to show it’s age. So, I ordered a new one, this time a 27″ version, I also decided that if I was going to invest another 5 years into the Apple Corporation, I may as well do it properly and maxed-out all the specs – 3.4GHz processor, 32GB of RAM, Thunderbolt storage,etc,etc….then I had to wait nearly 6 weeks while Apple used the slowest employees in China to assemble said iMac and then send it off for a 9 day trip around the world via Shanghai, Dubai, Germany, Ireland and England, all courtesy of UPS. But I knew the wait was going to be worth it…

…My new Mac was delivered last Friday, the same day that I came-down with the worst bout of ‘flu I’ve had in years, it was the best I could do to carry the 17KG box down to my basement without passing-out. I un-boxed it, plugged it in, then passed-out for 3 days.
I have finally got to play though, and the wait was well worth it, the new Mac makes my old one look like a pocket calculator. I can now scan 4800dpi files from 6x7cm without any problems, in an instant. I’ve also invested in Adobe CS6 6, which runs like a dream, as does Lightroom 4.

The best thing though is the huge 27″ screen, size certainly does matter!

Screen Shot 2013-02-12 at 09.50.03img016


  1. Hi! I like your Blog very much! Very nice photography!

    I would like to ask you a question: How do you scan New Portra 160/400. Do you use silverfast? If you use it wich negafix preset is the best in your opinion?

    Thank you very much!



    • Hi Martin, I just use the Epson software, scan at 3200dpi with none of the presets such as sharpening, etc. I then colour correct in Lightroom 4, sometimes all it needs is auto white balance. Scans are always too blue, so I crank that down a bit. All I do after that is a bit of spot healing and maybe bring the whites slider up. And that’s it really.


  2. I love the shot of that guy resting against his truck! I like the saturation of the colours as well as the contrast. I have to get myself some of that Portra Film!! Out of interest I see you use lightroom. Forgive my ignorance but what would you do to your film images within Lightroom/Photoshop?


    • I do hi res scans without using any of the presets that come with scanning software – sharpening,auto-white balance, dust removal. So, the scans need a bit of work in LR or PS to make them look nice.
      I generally just do a colour balance, which takes time and then I sometimes adjust the contrast slightly. The main job is dust removal.


  3. Looking forward to the next instalment Phil- hope it goes well. How come Portra 160 with the mamiya? Do you not find the 400 gives you some extra flexibility, given the mamiya apertures?


  4. Hi Phil. I’ve enjoyed looking at your blog. Like your images, like your approach. Following. I’m doing mainly ‘street’ stuff at the moment. Have alook. Best wishes, V.


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