Against the Wall


I took a medium format film camera and flash to a New Years Eve party, probably not a great idea when you take into account my propensity to lose/break equipment while under the influence, but I’m glad I did. I shot all these images within about 2 hours, but decided to stop when I started loading film back to front…
I photographed on a Mamiya 7II rangefinder camera and a Vivitar 285 flash. All the photographs were made in almost complete darkness, the only time I saw the expression on the subjects face is when I fired the shutter and saw them illuminated by flash through the rangefinder window. Direct flash is never flattering, and I don’t think these are flattering portraits, but are my portraits ever?

Film is either Fuji Pro 400H or Fuji Superia 400 for colour and Kodak Tri-X for mono.











  1. Great images – I understand where you’re coming from with direct flash, but it seems to have only gone to enhance these images – they are of a moment, NYE, and are summarising that evening, not the people your photographing. (And they all seem relatively sober!) The second and fourth shots are my favourites! 🙂


  2. Jan

    Not sure what these people look like in real life, but on your portraits they look REAL. You’ve mastered the art of ‘cool, trendy, Phil Kneen photography’ and I love your images. They are always yours whoever is in them.


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