Goodbye, 2012

…and goodbye, digital.

Of all the shots I took in 2012, these are my favourites. Only the first two are digital, the rest are all taken on film – 35mm, medium format and Fuji Instax instant.

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Lockett Somerville, Blue Point, Isle of Man (Mamiya 7II, 80mm, Kodak Tri-X)

Yellowknifer, Amber Fandrick, now living in London

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19 7 5 img135 (1) - Version 5 (1) 13 2

Rob Smith

Matt, Snaefell


Wedding (Holga GCFN, Kodak Tri-X 400 film)

Scott Clark


Manager, Niall Walsh


  1. noir33

    Phil, thanks for sharing all the great photos this year. Me, I’m finally letting go of film after 3 (plus) decades. Looking forward to your post in 2013.


  2. Dont know what it is about your shots that i love Phil,but i know what i like and they just speak to me in a way some photos dont,its a feeling i cant describe properly, its,more of a funny tingle in your spine when you look at them and get a bit excited,and wish i had the same vision.


  3. Some great photos 🙂 Film is such a great invention, mostly because, unlike digital, you don’t get to view your images straight away. You get to go to a store and wait excitedly for them to be developed


  4. This photos are Really great clicked , they lOOK LIke Alive . there is something that pulls my eye in your photos AS U say YOU click ppl 🙂 And you dId Your job vEry well Thanks for sharing and kEEp it Coming ^_^


  5. DivideByZero

    Phil, your work is stunning, it says so much to me, but film is a dead photographic medium, I don’t understand why you’re still shooting analog? There’s nothing you can do with film that you can’t do with digital, even if you need to go upto DMF, it’s worth it, surely?


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