Century Chair


I’ve now shot over 100 people in the chair (scroll down to the ‘Have chair, will travel’ post if you’re unfamiliar with the project). I’m thinking I might finish the project on new years day, give the chair the nautical send-off that I’d always planned.

Things have been a bit quiet for me on the photography front over the last couple of weeks, things always go a bit flat at this time of year though. I have bought a nice little Ricoh GR1 35mm compact. I had one years ago and I loved it, but it got crushed to death in a drunken wrestle. I’m off to Dublin this weekend and the only camera I’m taking is the GR1.

All the chair images were made using a Mamiya 7II, 80mm lens and Fuji Pro 400 film



  1. STUNNING portraits again – amazing how one subject can throw up so many different possibilities. The composition in all three works really well, with the chair as the central focus – the grass in the first shot adds a lot of texture, the teenagers ad a Beatles-esque dimension and the last shot is breathtaking! Thanks for sharing! šŸ™‚


  2. I thought it was the Strypes Phil šŸ™‚ excellent group, saw them live at the Pumpkin Festival last year when they were supporting the Waterboys, great gig, they were brilliant, totally rocked the place. So what brings you over to our green and pleasant land?


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