Photographic Methadone.

If Kodak Tr-X is my heroin, then Fuji Instax is my Methadone. Instax keeps me going in between hits when I’m waiting for film to be developed. Fortunately, Instax isn’t anywhere near as expensive as class A drugs and it certainly isn’t as damaging to your health – you can pick-up a good second-hand Fuji Instax for less than £50. I get my film off Amazon for £15 for a pack of 20 shots. Each shot is a truly individual.

A technical note to anyone wishing to experiment with class A analogue – although Instax is an ‘instant’ film, the image can take up to 2 hours to fully ‘come-up’ and show all the colours and tones.


  1. Duarte Costa

    Theses images are beautiful! I’ve been shooting digital for so long… but as I go deeper and deeper in the analogue world, I just can’t believe how much unexplored emotions I can still feel in taking a simple picture and star imagining the result. I feel like i’m staring over again… and it feels great!


  2. No, I’ve never experienced drug addiction, obviously, otherwise I wouldn’t have any cameras or a laptop to post this on because I’d have sold them all a long time ago to by smack. Having said that, I think I did accidentally smoke heroin in Amsterdam a couple of years ago…

    I’m glad you like the photos though.


  3. Brenda, I have had my adult life completely changed by those same devastating effects on close family members. I don’t find Phil’s comments the tiniest bit offensive.
    Phil – I really like the feel of these, its so different than the photos scanned from negatives. I particularly like that first one.


  4. Bob

    fantastic images…. i just got back from a family vacation in mexico. i took my 500af with me and 3 boxes of instax film (60 sheets) – i think i shot 2 rolls of film with my 35mm rangefinder because i was having fun just SEEING the world with a simple camera like the instax — fun camera – fun film — and, what’s better than having a stack of fun snaps to look at when the party’s over? 🙂 — great images, phil — i always enjoy your work…


  5. George

    Loving it.
    I just though that instant photography would suit my current lifestyle… Little snaps of daily life. Currently doing a lot of cellphone photography of things that happen in my routine.
    Really fun, but I’d soon end broke, heh.


  6. rebelsatellite

    Hi Phil,

    I am having troubles scanning my instax stuff – did you just feed these through your Epson V700?

    Enjoy the rest of your trip!


      • rebelsatellite

        Thanks a lot – the scans look incredible… I’ll definitely be investing in a V700 when I get back.


      • rebelsatellite

        Hi Phil,

        I bought an Epson 600 but trying to scan my instax stuff and having a real headache. Some reason they just don’t come through so well and the worst part is that the boarder around the film loses all the texture and detail and just looks white and blurry. Any ideas to what I’m doing wrong?



      • rebelsatellite

        Also Phil, how do you manage to crop them so it’s just the actual print itself and no white around the edges?? Is there a trick to it I’m missing? … The world of scanning is a strange and alien place to me right now.


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