The waiting game…

It’s Sunday night, I’m anxious. Five days ago I posted 116 rolls of medium format film from London Victoria to Sheffield, in the North of England, to be developed. So there’s not a lot I can do, except wait…

In the meantime I’m going through the vast amount of instant images I took over the 3 weeks in Canada. I love instant photos, they are so mundane looking, but so aesthetically pleasing, so perfectly suited to road-tripping. I’ve also been reading the diary I kept while I was away, most of which is unpublishable. I was obviously not in a good place when I wrote this on the way home –

“Great, Trevor has managed to get a seat next to two Canadian hotties, I’m stuck with Mr and Mrs Boring from Berkshire. Mr and Mrs Boring are both short, so I offer to lift their matching hand luggage into the overhead locker, I throw both bags into the storage. Mr Boring is not happy, he points out that “both bags will stand next to each other, neatly”, he then leaps up onto my seat like a demented Leprechaun, pushes everyone else’s belongings to one side and stands his two bags at one end, neatly. I say nothing. As soon as he sits down and fastens his seatbelt I stand up, reach into the locker, knock both bags onto their side and put my own on top of them. Little victories…..FFS, nine hours stuck with this pair AND my headphone socket isn’t working…I wonder if Trevor would do a swap?”

All images were taken on a Fuji Instax 200 instant camera and are unedited.



    Your work is incredible, it reminds me so much of William Eggleston, but is at the same time totally unique and individual. Indeed mundane, but I don’t know of many artists who can make the mundane so aesthetically pleasing.


  2. The anticipation is always a killer waiting for the films to come back from the labs, but 116 rolls…..I would be hitting the bottle by now. I am so looking forward to seeing some of your images from what appears to be a really productive trip.


  3. upnorthphotographic

    The Scene Maker General has hit the nail on the head – Phil, you are the master of the mundane! There are only a very small handful of photographers in the world who can point a camera at an everyday scene or object and turn that image into a work of art. Phil Kneen is one of this small handful.

    I’m pretty sure we’ll be seeing your name appearing in the ‘Worlds most influential modern artists’ or ‘Top 100 photographers of the 21st Century’ lists in the years to come.

    Superb work.


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