Instant Yellowknife.

I took a Fuji instant camera to Canada with me, mainly to use as a photographic ‘sketch book’, but it also came in very handy as an icebreaker – you can’t give someone a photo straight away if you’re shooting on film or digital, not easily, but you can with an instant camera. One of my highlights in Yellowknife was watching the look of utter amazement of a four year old kid as his face slowly appeared on the sheet of plastic. I don’t have any of the portraits I took with this camera because everyone, of course, wants to keep them!

Here’s a few of the photographic sketches…




  1. I like the juxtaposition of the tire marks with shadow and then the bridge shot – they go so well together and make some kind of visual joke too. Made me smile 🙂


  2. It was so great meeting you last week, you’re a wonderful man! You are one of the finest artists and visual story-tellers I know.

    Please come back soon, we miss you!


  3. Hi Phil, just stumbled across your website whilst searching for info about MF… You’ve got some great portraits. I really like the ones you shot with the Nikon – do you always use PEAK imaging? The results look spot on.




  4. What the hell are these?! Anyone could take these, my kids could do better! God help your agent when he sees this load of rubbish!

    It amazes me what people try and pass-off as ‘ART’. Take a good look Phil, take a GOOD look.


  5. That Fuji is something that I may be looking for on ebay/second hand shop this weekend. Although, I think my wife is going to cite you as a reason for our divorce and my new found love for film!!! As for the shots, for me it is image 136, mate. That one really stands out.


      1. I guess one way of seeing it is as a form of flattery!
        Out of interest, could you recommend a dedicated scanner for negatives (not a flatbed) – that does 35 and 120mm, or just 35mm?


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