Canada, Oh Canada


All photos in this article were taken on my iPhone 4s and were edited using various apps.

It’s been an extremely busy week in Yellowknife!
The photo above is of Tony Foliot, better known as The Snow King.
We met-up with Sarah Marsh from the Canadian Coastguard Auxiliary, who’d invited us a training exercise. I ended-up getting to drive the twin 150 horse powered RIB 10 miles out into Great Slave Lake at 32 knots, very exciting!

We’ve also been to see the team at Buffalo Airways. Oh Thursday we will be flying to Hay River with them in a DC3. We’re staying overnight with one of the crew who has kindly offered to let us bunk at his house. I’m taking portraits of everyone on Friday.



My highlight, so far, has to photographing ‘Ice Road Trucker’ Alex Debogorski, the guy is an absolute legend! And what a nice chap he is too.


I’ve been keeping a detailed diary while I’ve been in Canada, so keep an eye out for that when I get back…






  1. Sounds like an awesome trip – its a place I would like to go and visit some archaeologist friends I have in YN and to see the country.
    Your iPhone photos are really very satisfactory – shows what a good photographer can do regardless of equipment.


  2. Just shows you what can be achieved with a bit of creativity and some reasonably available technology. Buffalo plane looks amazing in all its chrome glory. Nicely captured. Immediately made me think of Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom and the unorthodox exit on a life raft!


  3. Phil,
    Great images of your Canada trip so far! I even liked the iPhone images that you took. I have finally invested in film – A Holga, and my mum found an old Olympus Trip 35 in the attic! Thanks for the inspiration!
    Have you met anyone from Degrassi Junior High, yet? (Sorry, could not resist that one)


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