I took the first two photographs here of my son, Richard, almost exactly 14 years ago, when he was 3. It was these, and many other images that I took at the time that sparked an interest in portrait photography. The last two are at 14 and a few months ago, just before Ric’s 17th birthday.

I’m off to Canada on Wednesday to start a photo-essay with writer, and close friend, Trevor Gibbs. We arrive in Calgary on Thursday and are going to spend a few days exploring the Rockies before flying north to Yellowknife to start the project proper.

So, I’m not sure what I’ll be doing in the way of blogging over the next month…watch this space.


  1. He has his daddy’s soulful eyes. I wonder if he sees the world as you do? At 17, is he looking forward to life’s adventures or is he terrified of what surprises may be coming? These are rhetorical questions. His darling freckled face is open to so much interpretation.


  2. Everything about these images is truly lovely, whether the composition, the actual image that has been captured, colour tones etc…
    Goes to prove shooting with film is far more superior than digital in my opinion.


  3. John Illingworth

    Banff for lunch on Friday about 1230. How’s that?
    I’ve no idea where but just let me know and we’ll be there!
    Look forward to that. John I.


  4. John Illingworth

    Elk & Oarsman Restaurant & Pub
    119 Banff Avenue
    Banff, AB T1L 1B6, Canada
    (403) 762-4616

    1230pm if you get this message Phil we’ll be in this pub


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