Instant Mannifestation

I took a few cameras to Mannifest music festival with me, all analogue, the only digital camera I had with me was my iPhone. I shot quite a few portraits on medium format, mostly black and white. I’ve been shooting quite a bit on Fuji Instax instant film recently, so I packed the camera and 5 packs of film, that’s 100 sheets of film. There was no way I was going to shoot 100 sheets of film, was there? Between 11am and 4pm on Saturday I shot the lot…

I love the look of this Fuji film, but I have heard rumours that it’s about to be discontinued, which will be a disaster! Time to start panic-buying.

It rained on Saturday, and it RAINED. I don’t do mud, so I spent Sunday at home, drinking pints of tea and eating cake.

All images are the property of Phil Kneen. Please do not use these images for ANYTHING without my prior permission. Thank you.


  1. Mini Max

    WTF!? These are just like the crappy shots my parents took of us on holiday when we were kids in the 80’s. Phil. are you trying to pass this off as art? I don’t understand why photographers are clinging-on to dead formats like this? I can just imagine you wandering around in your skinny jeans and national health specs trying to look cool and ‘old skool’

    These are the photographic version of the Emperors New Clothes, I’m afraid. Step in to the future and buy yourself a digital.


  2. If you think these look like the crappy shots your parents took in the 80’s, then this pleases me, because it has at least roused some kind of emotion in you, Mini Max.
    I’m not clinging to anything, or trying to pass anything off as something it isn’t – one mans art is another mans cartoon.
    ‘The photographic version of the emperors new clothes’? And you are the innocent child who finally blows his cover?

    I use a digital, a lot, as a professional photographer. I also shoot film – instant, 35mm, medium and large format…so what?


  3. Jane Hards

    I missed Mannifest this year, straight to your photos to see what I’d missed. Love the photos Phil, as always a fantastic set of honest, exceptionally human images, that captures people, as they really are, enjoying one of the islands best events.


  4. Kelly Davies

    My folks only let me onto the Internet at the weekends, but the first thing I do is go straight to your blog. I love it. Our art teacher did a lesson on film photography and used your blog and Flickr to show us his favorite examples. I’m 14 and hoping to study photography when I go to college, your photographs and words will be my inspiration to help me get there. I use a Holga and an Olympus OM10 film camera, but my photos are NOWHERE near as good as yours! I think your portraits are the best!

    Can you give me any advise on how to be a good photographer please? You are my favorite photographer EVER.

    Thank you, Kelly (Essex C, NY)


    • Hi Kelly. Thank you! I’m flattered.

      The one piece of advice that I’d give to anyone is this – take photos that please you, not other people. If you love the photos that you make then other people will love them too.

      Also – Spend the next couple of years learning the technical side of photography, it’s boring, but very important. Once you’ve mastered the technical side and learned how to make a perfectly focussed and exposed image, then you can start breaking all the rules.
      Accept the fact that not everyone will like or understand your photography and that some people will be cruel, rude and insulting about your work – this is difficult, but will make you a better photographer.
      DO NOT buy photography magazines – they will make you want gear that you don’t need. Spend the money on film.
      Don’t do drugs, carry your camera everywhere and never be embarrassed about taking a photograph (even when it is a bit embarrassing)

      Take lots of photographs. LOTS.


  5. Aaaah, the MUD! Brings back memories… of the Roskilde Music Festival in Denmark – a sure way to get rain, and mud. On your shoes, in your shoes, in the tent, in the sleeping bag. Wonder why I went there, again and again. “Water water everywhere, nor any drop to drink” (but beer)

    Nice photos by the way. Why do women always look fantastic at festivals?


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